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abhiram "abhi" cheerly

student athlete of the year 2016/2017

Abhiram “Abhi” Cheerla, was born in a city called Ballari in South India. Abhi and his family moved to the United States when he was one. Abhi began playing basketball in the 2nd grade and his passion for the game grew from there. Shortly after his family moved from Gaithersburg to Clarksburg, Abhi met Coach Justin while outside playing basketball at Rocky Hill Middle School. Coach Justin said, “I could tell at that time Abhi had what it takes to be a great basketball player.”

Aside from his basketball skills, Abhi has many talents. Currently, as a 6th grader, Abhi is a member of the Math/Science/Computer Science Magnet program. Abhi also has many interests and hobbies, mainly in Robotics. Abhi and his robotics team have won awards at both county and state levels. Talk about great work! Not to mention, every Saturday morning you will more than likely find Abhi tutoring younger kids at George Thomas B Saturday School.

The meaning of the name "Abhiram" is pleasing or giver of pleasure. Abhi has always stood up to his name! No matter what… you can depend on Abhi being a team player; at the same time, Abhi demonstrates exactly what it means to be a well-rounded individual.

In addition to Abhi’s passion for basketball, Abhi was chosen to be recipient of Crossover Elite’s Ultimate award, “Student Athlete of the Year,” because:

Abhi is a part of the Crossover Elite Family. He respects others both in and outside of sport environments. Most of all, he respects himself.

Abhi’s understands his attitude determines everything… he does not let his attitude hinder his progress. His attitude is ALWAYS positive and has continued to launch him in positive directions.

Abhi shows that he can believe and trusts in his teammates, as he expects them to trust and believe in him.

No matter what his role is on the team, Abhi knows his role is important for the team.

2016/2017 Winter Basketball did not build Abhi’s character… it REVEALED Abhi’s character.

Abhiram “Abhi” Cheerla

Crossover Elite’s 2016/2017 Student Athlete of the Year

Scored 27 points in the first round of the 2017 ccbl playoffs    
selected as crossover elite's student athlete of the year 2016/2017
Member of crossover elite's 6th grade ccbl championship squad