Who We Are

Crossover Elite Basketball, Inc. is a family run sports organization focused on individual growth and development in the game of basketball. As our experienced staff works on enhancing player’s skills, the organization as a whole evokes team comradery and unity.

The purpose of Crossover Elite is to prepare players for next level play. We help middle-school aged players achieve mental and physical preparedness as they crossover into high school. For younger players, we teach the importance of developing self, skills, and team unity as they grow physically while playing the game of basketball.

Fundamental Focus Areas:

  • Defense

  • Lay Ups

  • Shooting and Free Throws

  • Passing

  • Dribbling and Ball Handling

  • Rebounding

  • Triple Threat and Jab Step

  • Ball Movement and Pivoting

  • Screening and Cutting

  • Basic Offensive Moves

  • Conditioning and being Heart Healthy, and healthy decision making

Established in the Clarksburg, MD area, Crossover Elite Basketball will serve as a one-stop-shop for both parents and players. The organization prides itself for being a well-organized and maintained entity. The cost for program participation includes no hidden fees. Our staff and board of directors have worked diligently to keep the cost low, but also to insure players receive the best coaching, playing opportunities, and team apparel.